Here are a few videos that I have helped to produce, that I wrote scripts for, or that I am featured in.

TV Ad: “John Deserves a Vote,” Democracy for America, 2013

After Newtown, the tone of the gun safety debate changed and for the first time in decades advocates for common sense gun laws saw an opportunity to have a real conversation about preventing gun violence. Democracy for America commissioned me to work with victims of gun violence and the filmmakers of Gum Spirits productions to produce this TV ad to be aired nationally after the 2013 State of the Union address.

TV Ad: “Don’t Kill the Dream,” Democracy for America, 2011

In 2010 tea party candidates were blaming immigrants and working class Americans for the economic crisis. Democracy for America, wanted to make sure that people were able to tell their own stories and speak up against the tea party lies. These ads aired in three congressional districts. I developed the concept, wrote the script, and helped to produce this ad and worked with the filmmakers of GumSpirits Productions who filmed and directed the ad.

Web video: “Are you with us?” Democracy for America, 2011

Democracy for America needed a video to tell their story and show who the real people are behind the organization. I developed the concept, wrote the script, and helped to produce this web video.

Filmed and edited by Fivesteps Forward Productions.

Netroots Nation 2011: DFA’s Levana Layendecker on Battleground Wisconsin

Levana Layendecker discusses Click to Calls – Care2 at the Newseum


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