What’s next after marriage?

Repost from EqualityPA:

LGBT Advocates Press to End Discrimination in the Workplace, Housing, and Public Accommodations

Philadelphia – Today, Equality Pennsylvania, alongside 30 state-wide lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) groups from Georgia Equality to Basic Rights Oregon and beyond, launched #DiscriminationExists, a week-long education campaign to highlight the fact that despite recent victories for the freedom to marry many states still need to update their laws to protect LGBT people from discrimination. Follow the discussion at discriminationexists.org. Continue reading

US Strong State NJ Legislators Call for New Solutions » US Strong

US Strong State NJ Legislators Call for New Solutions » US Strong.

State Senator Bob Singer, R-Monmouth and Ocean, called for a long term solution for extreme weather preparedness calling for a “for a national, dedicated fund to protect communities against extreme weather.”

In his piece, he points out that, “A dedicated fund would be in sharp contrast to the shenanigans that played out in Congress after Sandy when we waited for 91 days before “emergency legislation” was signed into law. And, even with the approval for our recovery money, there’s not enough to go around.”

Sen. Singer puts it pretty succinctly explaining his analysis:

“Like many New Jerseyans, a scientist doesn’t need to tell me what I already know; we’re seeing intense and more frequent storms, and unfortunately greater catastrophes. . . . We will be hit again, and the question is what are we doing to protect our communities, businesses, and basic infrastructure like roads, bridges, electric lines, sewage and drinking water systems? We have failed this test so far and have a lot of hard work to do now for the future.”