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On Wed, Jun 17, 2015 at 6:40 PM, Gabriel Mandujano <g@washcyclelaundry.com> wrote:

<<This is the text of the attached letter, which is in the mail to you — I tried you by phone earlier today, so please let me know if you have any questions/concerns that you’d like to follow up via phone; I’ll be more or less available from about 8am – 10am or 12pm on. You can get me at 267 244 1021 x 505 which will forward to me wherever I happen to be. Thanks!>>

Dear Levana:

First off, let me apologize again for the problems our loss of your clothing has caused.  I know those items had special meaning to you, which is why, per your request, we continued pursuing every avenue to attempt to find your items rather than issuing financial compensation after searching for 5 business days, as is typically our practice for dry cleaning items.

My team and I work hard to implement quality control procedures to make sure that clothing doesn’t go missing.  Unfortunately, in your case, one of my employees disregarded our policies and then misrepresented to us the actions he had taken with the bag of your items. For those lapses in practice and judgment, I terminated the employee.  (As an aside, although Wash Cycle Laundry has a deep commitment to hiring and retaining vulnerable adults throughout our staff, the employee in question was not from a chronically underemployed background).

In the intervening time, our staff has searched our facilities three times, reviewed both computerized and paper records of dry cleaning items processed, reviewed security footage, interviewed 7 of our staff members who were present in the facilities at the time in question, contacted each of the customers who we serviced at a similar time, and visited/physically inspected the unattended package/delivery rooms in the buildings of every customer we serviced on the nights in question.  I’ve personally repeated many of these steps to be sure that my staff didn’t miss anything. All in all, we’ve dedicated about 34 staff hours to resolving this matter.

What I know with a good degree of certainty is that your items were taken from your house to our 10th Street facility, where most of our consumer laundry is washed.  I also know that sometime between 7:03 and 7:27pm that night, your laundry left that facility en route to our 16th Street facility, where we store all dry cleaning items.  The cyclist made two delivery stops in between 10th Street and 16th Street.  When we logged the dry cleaning orders at the dry cleaning plant the next morning, I know that your items were not present, based on verification of our electronic records and the paper records of the plant.  I am unsure of what happened between 7:27pm on May 27, when your items left 10th Street, and the morning of May 28th, when they were not present with the rest of the dry cleaning being processed that day, especially since Wash Cycle Laundry does not operate overnight.  However, we are now confident from our repeated searches of facilities and verification with our other customers that your laundry is not in our facilities or in the possession of our other customers.

We receive initial reports of loss on about 1 in 200 orders, and many of those reports are quickly resolved through our lost-and-found or turn out to be mistaken (i.e., the customer finds the item in their bag or under their bed). Only about 1 in 500 orders result in an unresolved loss of at least one item (such as a sock, or single shirt, etc.), and only about 1 in 4,000 orders results in the loss of a bag of items.  In the time since we’ve received your complaint, I’ve made personnel changes, and we’ve updated our database to send “alarms” to our operations staff if the processing status of any appointment is sufficiently outside of time bounds so that we can be more proactive about loss situations instead of waiting for customers to make a report.  I know these statistics and changes in practice after-the-fact cannot undo the mistake that my staff made, so I understand if they are of little comfort to you, but I do want you to know that we took this situation very seriously, and it has had serious consequences for a number of people and practices.

Our terms of service, which we created by surveying the practices of over a dozen Center City dry cleaners, provide for reimbursement of up to 10x the price we charge to clean each item. We’ve calculated the total amount based on the inventory you’ve supplied us and enclosed a check with this letter.

Please accept my sincere apologies.


Gabriel Mandujano

Wash Cycle Laundry Inc.

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