Vote Tuesday, Nov. 3!

Reposted from EqualityPA:

This Tuesday, November 3rd is a very important election. As voters, we will have the chance to ensure that our courts will be fair to the LGBT community, which is important because courts play a critical role in the lives of LGBT people in Pennsylvania.

The history of the state courts in Pennsylvania has not been favorable on legislation regarding LGBT rights. In 2002 the state legislature passed a law to include LGBT people in hate crimes protections. That law was overturned in 2007 on a technical issue in the state courts. As a result, LGBT people still do not have hate crimes protections in Pennsylvania.

That’s why we all need to vote on Tues., Nov. 3rd.

Do you know your schedule that day? When is good time for you to go vote? These are important things to think about now to make sure you can get out to vote.

Find your polling place here.  Then make your plan to vote.

Here are the Equality PA Endorsed candidates.

– Christine Donohue – Supreme Court
– Kevin Dougherty – Supreme Court
– David Wecht – Supreme Court

– Dan Clifford – Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas
– Alice Beck Dubow – Superior Court
– Abbe Fletman – Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas
– Chris Mallios – Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas
– Hugh McGough – Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas
– Mia Roberts Perez – Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas
– Michael Wojcik – Commonwealth Court

– Heather Arnet – PA State Senate, District 37, Allegheny & Washington County
– Bruce Hanes – Register of Wills, Montgomery County

Download the Equality PA voting guide here.

Also, don’t forget that candidate for Supreme Court, Michael George, used the “gay panic” defense as a defense attorney in a clear hate crime murder case. He tried to use the sexual orientation of the two lesbian victims to persuade the jury to give his guilty client a lighter sentence. One of the victims, Claudia Brenner, who survived after being shot multiple times has been speaking out about her experience.

DO NOT vote for Michael George because we believe that his history shows that he will not be fair and impartial to the LGBT community.

Make your plan to vote and share this email with friends and family to make sure they vote too.


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