Online learning just got a lot bigger

Online learning just got a lot bigger.


Tapping into the growth of online education, Skillshare launched in 2011 on a mission to build a digital marketplace for knowledge. Yet, instead of going in the direction of traditional online education or the new generation of MOOC platforms like Coursera and Udacity, Skillshare eschewed hosting classes in traditional education subjects to instead offer classes that teach people real-world skills that they can apply to their professional or personal projects.

At launch, however, Skillshare limited users to participating in classes that took place in their local area, but last year, the startup added hybrid, online classes to its platform, allowing teachers to create classes that are available globally and enable students to take live, interactive classes — on the Interwebs. Since then, the startup’s growth has accelerated, with the size of its classes growing from an average of 20 to 30 students to thousands, and teachers are now earning upwards…

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