What I have been up to lately

Steve Stearns photography.

Me at Netroots Nation 2011. Steve Stearns photography.

Here’s a quick summary of what I have been doing since 2008. It’s been busy!

Senior Strategist – Coordinated Campaigns
MoveOn.org | Philadelphia, PA | Current

As the Senior Strategist for coordinated campaigns, I assess congressional campaigns to determine whether they will receive MoveOn’s endorsement. Once a campaign is endorsed, I advise the campaign on messaging, field work, online organizing, and fundraising. Working with MoveOn members around the country in 2012, MoveOn will raise more than one million dollars in bundled contributions and activate tens of thousands of volunteers for Democrats in House and Senate races.

Communications Director
Democracy for America (DFA) | Burlington, VT | 2010 – March 2012

In my capacity as Communications Director, I was responsible for all of public relations for DFA. I developed organizational and campaign messages, wrote all press materials, oversaw all press relations with organizational principals including the Chair and Executive Director, implemented social networking communications, and oversaw the development of all organizational promotional materials. In this position I also worked as an integral part of the leadership team developing political strategy and tactical plans for the organization.

Director of Online Campaigns 
Health Care for America Now (HCAN) | Washington, DC | 2008 – 2010

HCAN was a coalition of one thousand groups joined in a campaign to pass the Affordable Health Care Act. As director I developed strategies for using email, text messages, social networks, and blogs to promote our message, generate grassroots action, and influence key decision makers and the mainstream media. I supervised a Deputy Director, and I participated in the senior management team which developed political strategy and messaging for the campaign as a whole. During the campaign we gathered more than 200,000 email supporters and thousands of Facebook fans, text, and Twitter followers. I also convened a committee of coalition partner organizations to discuss online strategies for health care that included large national organizations.

Download full resume.


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